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Schurr Sails Schurr Sails -- Maunfacturing custom sails for racing, cruising and day sailing boats.
UK Sailmakers Home Page The sail technology leader has lofts throughout the world. Visit our Encyclopedia to learn about sails, materials, trim and tuning.
Sail Design, High Efficiency The sail technology leader has lofts throughout the world. Visit our Encyclopedia to learn about sails, materials, trim and tuning.
Hyde Sails Hyde sails for the racing and recreational sailor.
Elvström Sails, International Group Elvström Sails, The Fine Art Of Sailmaking. The largest sailloft in Europe.
Squeteague Sailmakers - Catatumet, Cape Cod, MA Cape Cod's only in-house CAD-CAM sailmaker. New sails, fast sail repairs, sail handling systems, winter service.
Crusader Sails - Sailmaking & Sailmakers Crusader Sails - We are a UK based sailmakers exporting around the world. Our website contains prices in four languages and full details of our products and services.
Sailcloth by Contender - Contender Sailcloth main index. Sailcloth by Contender. Contender is the worldwide supplier of technically engineered fabrics. We supply Sailcloth and Laminates to sailmakers across the globe.
Halsey Lidgard Sailmakers Through their extensive worldwide network Halsey Lidgard Sailmakers manufacture and service fast, durable racing and cruising sails.
Bowers Sails


Bowers Sails has been making sails since 1965. That year, the second sail we made won the National C Scow sailing championship. Over the years, we have made custom and production racing sails for local, national, and international champions, where a sixteenth of an inch can make the difference between winning and losing.
Cruising Direct Home Page
Our goal is to provide our customer with the opportunity to purchase simple, reliable sails at a reasonable cost.
Aerorig Performance Cruising for Monohulls and Multihulls.
Sailcloth by Contender - U.S. An Innovator in Sailcloth
Quick Batten
Our battens appear on the smallest Optimist sails always achieving best results, but also the more technological IACC class, engaged in the next America's Cup, use our tubular carbon battens. What is more, is that Quick Batten produces also various deck accessories.
Carr Sails has 29 years experience in the design, development and production of sails for model sailing yachts - display, scale and all AMYA and ISAF racing classes.